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Image Processing with ReaConverter
Internet technology has brought the word close enough to completely abandon storing hard photos and images. Nowadays more and more people deal with digital image stores and galleries. However, technology never stands still and it's important to keep up to date with the current requirements to manage your business efficiently.

If your business deals with image processing or photo editing, ReaConverter, offers a wide variety of professional features within one program. In addition to image conversion it supports many standard image processing functions such as image resizer, image editor, watermarking tool(which are available from both GUI and command line), RAW converter, built-in scheduler, RBG curves wizard and many others. All the actions are available in an automatized way.

ReaConverter - smart batch image converter between 400+ image formats.

The ways to improve your business process with ReaConverter:
  1. Batch mode editing features enable to perform various editing actions with more than one image in automatized way: convert your files from different formats, and from different folders to a specified file format and folder, give them files names, set their new size, etc.
  2. Built-in Scheduler is specifically designed for performing all kinds of photo/image manipulations automatically. Scheduler puts the process of multiple images processing on schedule that is most convenient for you. Scheduled tasks are performed even when no user is logged in. You can set your tasks occur once, at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) or continuously (set to minutes). One-time tasks can be run on a certain date and time. Regular tasks can be set to run:
    • every specified number of days (every day, every other day, etc);
    • every specified number of weeks (every week, every two weeks, etc.);
    • on certain weekdays;
    • on the specific day of every or selected months.
    You can specify the start date and time for your scheduled tasks, set task priority (if you need to run some tasks faster or slower in comparison to other tasks). If needed, it is possible to run your tasks manually.
  3. Avoid unwanted artifacts when enlarging or printing large size images with new option "JPEG repair" which minimizes "noise", undesired artifacts and negative effects of conversion to JPEG.
  4. Command line interface is fully optimized and organized to perform its work silently in the background.
    If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about ReaSoft Image Converter, feel free to contact us.

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