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ReaJPEG 3.7

May 28, 2008


Today ReaSoft Development is happy to introduce a new version of its powerful photo editing software – ReaJPEG. This is the essential tool for webmasters, designers, digital photo professionals and amateurs, as well as for everyone who values colour visual quality and simplicity in image editing and compression process. ReaJPEG 3.7. helps to make CR2, NEF, TIFF, BMP and RAW photos smaller without quality reduce so you can upload them faster and easier.

With the explosion of scanners, digital cameras and the World Wide Web, the JPEG image format has quickly become the most widely used digital image format. It's also the most misunderstood. Nowadays when digital cameras continue to feature larger image sensors, higher resolution and a variety of schemes for improving colour quality and reducing image noise, one negative fact ultimately affects the case: the image files become larger and larger what makes uploading or sharing them a little bit problematic. However, with such a multifunctional tool as ReaJPEG, you can perform not only conversion to JPEG format but also apply various popular editing effects and compress your image files.

If you have ever come across pictures taken straight from digital reflex cameras you should know that their output data is in RAW format which is not yet processed and quite often require manually applying each conversion step. RAW files are much larger than JPEG files, they are more time consuming, and finally RAW files cannot be given to others immediately because they require specific software to load them, therefore it may be necessary to first convert them into JPEG. The main problem concerning RAW files is that you can't edit or convert the file to JPEG in the usual image editors. The good news now is that ReaJPEG 3.7 fully supports RAW to JPEG conversion and editing. ReaJPEG can perform batch processes and automates all conversion steps except those which you chose to modify.

New ReaJPEG converter allows you to convert any image to JPEG format and edit in in the multifunctional built-in editor. What is more important, ReaJPEG helps you to convert even dozens of files to JPEG format and edit them in batch mode. In case you perform the just th same operations with images from day to day, ReaJPEG provides you with the unique feature - saving any arranged schemes as a separate file and load when necessary. You must admit that it's fully functional and time-saving.

Professionalism doesn't always mean complexity and skillfulness. ReaJPEG 3.7 is equipped with simple and understandable interface so that it doesn't require any special skills to convert lots of files at once and work them up.

As for the editing possibilities, ReaJPEG 3.7 allows you to resize, stretch, crop, zoom, and make borders for your images and photos. You can change its hue, saturation, and lightness; rotate images from 0 to 360 degrees, remove “red eye” effect, apply watermark, etc. Preview when editing images enables to control and observe the changes step-by-step. Finally when you are through with editing, if any, all you need to do is to push "Convert Selection" button. As the result you will have all your targeted files edited and saved in JPEG.

Using ReaJPEG you may convert your images to JPEG format either one by one or in batch mode. As an advanced user may know, JPEG format can be of two kinds, a plain JPEG and a progressive JPEG (the latter is similar to interlaced GIF). What is worth mentioning is that ReaJPEG 3.7 supports conversion to both JPEG types. ReaJPEG provides comprehensive conversion of raster and vector graphic formats in a batch mode. It converts into JPEG various image formats: GIF, BMP, FPX, PEG, PCD, PCL, PCX, PSD, PICT, PNG, TIFF, TGA, and SGI. The new version of the software supports almost all types of TIFF format.

ReaJPEG is available in two editions: Standard and Pro. Besides basic functions presented in Standard edition, ReaJPEG Pro contains such additional features as: RAW settings, background colour, HDR settings, extended boarders, process projective/anti projective, brightness curves and levels, command line usage capability and windows integrations.

Pricing and availability:

ReaJPEG 3.7 is available for free download and evaluation at

The price of registering program is 39.95 US Dollars for the Standard edition, 69.95 US Dollars for the Pro edition.

About ReaSoft Development:

Founded in 1999, ReaSoft Development is a IT company specializing in producing highly efficient, well-made and user-friendly software to meet the needs of both business professionals and amateur home users. For more information, visit


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