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ReaConverter 6.0b

May 27, 2009

Pro Batch Graphic Editor Free of Charge - ReaConverter 6.0 Released in Beta

Thought Big Guys Did Not Believe in Tales? Graphic Professionals Now Have To: They Got Fully Functional Pro Batch Graphic Editor Free of Charge!

Once upon a time there lived a guy called Tom Layouts. He worked in a printing house as a maker-up and was as gifted as experienced. But he could not show his talent properly, because he spent a lot of time converting image files from one format to another - he had to process so many images that he worked far into the night, converting them one by one. Anyway, he could bear it, if it were not for his boss - the worst psycho that ever was a boss. He heaped work on poor Tom in great amounts, demanding to finish it under tight deadlines. Of course, Tom tried to manage everything and to optimize his work. He had written a lot of requests, asking the management to order some special software that would be of great benefit for him and his colleagues. But his boss got enraged, called him lazy and stupid and threatened to fire him.

One busy day Tom went outside his office to have a bite and met a strange guy staring at him attentively. A few minutes later he approached and whispered in Tom's ear: "Wanna know the truth?" Tom startled and looked at him dazedly. But that guy took him to a quiet nook and told him an astounding story about psi vampires sucking psi energy from other people. "What bullshit!" - thought Tom, - "I must have met a loony". But the stranger was hard to get rid of: "One of them is your boss! You should stop feeding him with your worries and fears. Stop worrying about your work, and he will lose his power. Then we can win". Tom was shocked, because all this nonsense suddenly looked like truth. "But I cannot! He is always heaping me with work, and I hardly meet deadlines!" The stranger was silent for a moment, and then advised him to go to Tom wrote down the link and when he raised his eyes no one was by. Tom visited the website of Image Converter and understood at once what the stranger meant. ReaSoft Development, software development company experienced in producing highly efficient graphic solutions for advanced users, had released a fully-functional beta version of ReaConverter 6.0 that was absolutely free! And it had a lot of useful features.

ReaConverter 6.0 Beta can convert not only single images, but also perform batch image conversion - a real treasure for those who have to process hundreds or thousands of images. It supports more than 400 formats including archaic and rear ones. Another convenient feature is scheduled image processing. ReaConverter 6.0 Beta can perform various image manipulations automatically when set to a certain schedule. The settings allow specifying the manipulations, the images to process, task priority, manual/automatic launch, the date and time to start processing and many other options. This feature is appreciated by all the professionals using it in their work. Another remarkable feature supported by ReaConverter 6.0 Beta is the opportunity to use automatic rotate and automatic crop, thus increasing work efficiency.

The software offers a lot of ways to process images, and everybody can customize it to his or her liking using default mode, console mode or right click processing. It also supports RAW conversion and third-party Photoshop plug-ins and effects, so it is simple to make any image or a batch of images look stunningly creative. Apart from this, ReaConverter gives ample scope for image editing, as it supports a great variety of editing and adjustment operations. If a user needs to protect his images, ReaConverter 6.0 Beta supports watermark applying - either text or image watermarking.

Who might think that a free beta version could be full-function and so efficient? ReaConverter can also convert pdf to jpg! No wonder Tom managed to stop his anxiety and his psi vampire boss lost all his power. Now Tom is the head of the entire printing house and he has not heard about the vampires for a long time.

ReaConverter 6.0b is available for free download and evaluation at

System requirements: Windows® 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 server / Vista

About ReaSoft Development:

Founded in 1999, ReaSoft Development is a IT company specializing in producing highly efficient, well-made and user-friendly software to meet the needs of both business professionals and amateur home users. For more information, visit

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Additional information on ReaConverter, as well as its free 15-day trial version is available from


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