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ReaSoft Network Drive
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August 20, 2008


ReaSoft Development announces the immediate release of the new product, ReaSoft Network Drive solution for both home users and sysops of up to medium-sized enterprises. From now onwards, you can easily connect one or several local folders to the network drive, add encryption, keep all the data in one container file, and much more.

Just imagine, you have several PCs networked at home or/and at office. Supposing they were all old and out-of-date, so that each of them has just a scanty hard disk volume that seems absolutely useless for you at first sign. However, the situation isn't that desperate. The help is forthcoming by way of ReaSoft Network Drive. With the help of ReaSoft Network Drive you no longer have to waste you free HDD space. This program was designed for connecting one or several local folders to the network drive.

Attention please!

With ReaSoft Network Drive you can map more than one folder to the drive that was only imaginable before, since Windows supports mapping one folder to one network drive. From now on, we break the rule. Having ReaSoft Network Drive installed on your computer you can map any amount of folders to the drive. The folders may be even located on different network computers. Of course the usage of the application extends further as here we have mentioned an abstract example. ReaSoft Network drive is designed by ReaSoft Development for rather broad audience. It brings added value for both home users and sysops of up to medium-sized enterprises.

ReaSoft Network Drive is a unique application owing to its multifunctionality, with the outlined key mission: efficient use of the free HDD space in the network. In spite of the the fact that some features are quite different, they are all unified by the ability to create a network drive using both local and network sources.

The first function, "Local folders" allows to select several local or network folders and combine them into one network drive. Moreover, sharing and security rules may be set for the drive on the whole, that is, undoubtedly, more practical than setting the rules for each shared folder. As some users may be informed, Windows allows "Map Network Drive" service that maps only one folder to the drive. However, ReaSoft Network Drive removes this restriction. Henceforth, you can map several folders to drive, without any limitations.

The second "Container file" function permits to keep the content of the virtual drive in one file. What is more, using this function one may set the size (fixed or variable) and specify the path to the container file. The additional feature, supported by this type of file is data encryption. Thus, the user may store his or her top secret data in one encryption protected file.

"Multi-located container file" is almost the same as "Container file" with the difference that the former supports creation of several container files and allows to locate them on different local drives or network folders. As a matter of fact, a multi-located container file is divided into several parts located on different network computers that makes the file unlimited in volume since you may add a new folder at any time.

All in all, ReaSoft Network Drive is a valuable software for those who access network drives in a computer network, ranging from small home networks to medium-sized corporate networks.

Pricing & Availability

ReaSoft Network Drive is available for free download and evaluation at

The price of registering program is 49.95 US Dollars.

System Requirements:
Free Hard Disk Space: 4Mb
Memory (RAM): 64Mb
Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista

About ReaSoft Development:

Founded in 1999, ReaSoft Development is a IT company specializing in producing highly efficient, well-made and user-friendly software to meet the needs of both business professionals and amateur home users. Additional information on ReaSoft Network Drive as well as its free 30-day trial is available from

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Additional information on ReaSoft Network Drive as well as its free 30-day evaluation copy is available from

NOTE TO EDITORS: A free copy of ReaSoft Network Drive on CD is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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  Secure Network Drive With Extended Extra Features

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