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Data Backup 1.0

April 25, 2008


Today ReaSoft Development is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ReaSoft Data Backup, a powerful data backup tool that is aimed to recover files and folders in case of emergency. Backup options include support for the alternative media like burning on CD or storing on the net over FTP protocol as well as different types of compression. ReaSoft Data Backup is released with the built-in scheduler and encrypting capabilities. Thus, you no longer have to do your daily backup manually, just create a backup task and give it a proper schedule!

ReaSoft Data Backup was specifically designed for small and medium-sized business. It provides excellent reliability and performance in combination with low cost, minimal resource requirements and simple management tools. Today any computer, regardless of its configuration, if unprotected, can undergo an unexpected data loss event which may cause serious consequences. Just imaging losing all your business documents or private files in a tick. Doesn't this sound terrifying? To make business more secure, resort to installing ReaSoft Data Backup 1.0 which can automatically backup your data to a secure remote data-center. ReaSoft Data Backup backs up your computer files, providing you with protection against loss, corruption, and accidental deletion.

ReaSoft Data Backup provides user with several useful features that make it more effective in backing up data. New task wizard allows to create a backup task in four simple steps. Just select the files to backup, choose a destination folder if you plan to backup your files locally (alternatively you can choose to backup your files on the net over the FTP protocol or burn them onto CD), choose the backup type, and customize the schedule.

The program allows to clone your files on a local folder (which may locate on any network computer), FTP server, or write it on CD. The main advantages of local folder storage are low access times, availability, capacity and ease of use. On the other hand, having your backup on CD enables to restore the data on any machine with a CD-ROM drive. Remote backup service over the FTP protocol becomes more widespread nowadays since it can protect against some worst-case scenarios such as fire, flood, earthquake or nuclear strike which would destroy any backups in the immediate vicinity along with everything else.

Another efficient feature of ReaSoft Data Backup is that it offers different types of backup: full, differential, and mirror. By default backup type is 'Full'. Full backup type is the starting point for all other backups. It compresses data in the folders and files that are selected to be backed up. Differential backup contains all files and folders that have changed since last full backup. Mirror backup is identical to a full backup, with the exception that the files are not compressed.

ReaSoft Data Backup allows to customize the compression type so that the user can lessen storage space. Compression rate ranges from 'Store' (no compression) to 'Maximum'. Higher compression rates reduce backup archive size at the cost of increased achieving time. Another efficient feature that is present in ReaSoft Data Backup is a possibility to add archive encryption. Encrypting the data can strengthen the security level of the backed up files.

The program is equipped with a built-in schedule which enables to customize the automatic backup task options including days, weeks, months and start time for the task. Once the schedule is enabled, you may forget about restoring your files manually. ReaSoft Data Backup will do it for you according to the schedule you specified. Once the task is created, it can be managed and edited.

Pricing and availability:

ReaSoft Data Backup is available for free download and evaluation at

The price of registering program is $29.95

System requirements: Windows® 2000 / XP / 2003 server / Vista ( full 32-bit & 64-bit editions support )

About ReaSoft Development:

Founded in 1999, ReaSoft Development is a IT company specializing in producing highly efficient, well-made and user-friendly software to meet the needs of both business professionals and amateur home users. For more information, visit


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Additional information on Rea Soft Backup as well as its free 30-day trial is available from

NOTE TO EDITORS: A free copy of ReaSoft Backup on CD is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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  REASOFT DATA BACKUP To Protect Data For Small And Medium-Sized Business

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