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Data Backup
Protecting your data is a crucial part of promoting your business. Your business data is irrevocably gone if the only back up you have is the computer hard disk that can be failed or damaged in case of emergency. Of course you may have the paper copies for all the business data and documentation, but it doesn't seem to be a sufficient data backup. Fire, flood, earthquake or any other disaster can destroy any physical backup in the immediate vicinity along with everything else. As a result, once again all you data essential for carrying on the business may be irretrievably lost. Archiving business data is more than a daily routine. It could be a matter of your business survival. If losing data interfere with doing business, follow our basic advice: back it up manually or schedule adequate automatic backup.

For proper data protection you need to resort to installing a trusted data backup system on your computer. Today ReaSoft Development is ready to introduce their powerful data backup tool, ReaSoft Data Backup, that is aimed to recover files and folders in case of emergency.

How can ReaSoft Data Backup help my business?
ReaSoft Data Backup is specifically designed to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized business where data losses can damage the bottom line. Among enhancement of the security level, ReaSoft Data Backup can provide several practical options.
Find out how ReaSoft Data Backup can improve your business process:
  1. Alternative media support opens up possibilities to pick out the most convenient way of backing up for you. Whether you want to clone the data on a local folder (locating on any network computer), FTP server or write it on CD, you no longer have to undergo a long and tiresome process of coping it manually. Everything is automatized in ReaSoft Data Backup.

    The main advantages of local folder storage are low access times, availability, capacity and ease of use. On the other hand, having your backup on CD enables to restore the data on any machine with a CD-ROM drive. Remote backup service over the FTP protocol becomes more widespread nowadays since it can protect against some worst-case scenarios such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc that would destroy any backups in the immediate vicinity along with everything else.

  2. ReaSoft Data Backup is equipped with a built-in schedule which enables to customize the automatic backup task options including days, weeks, months and start time for the task. Once the schedule is enabled, you may forget about restoring your files manually. ReaSoft Data Backup will do it for you according to the schedule you specified. Once the task is created, it can be managed and edited.
  3. ReaSoft Data Backup provides such an efficient otpion as adding encryption. Encrypting the data can strengthen the security level of the backed up files. Lock your files from the ill-wishers.
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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