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What is RAW format?
A RAW image file contains clean, minimally processed data from the image sensor of a digital camera or image scaner. Such option is available on some digital cameras, usually Digital SLR cameras(a digital camera that uses an automatic mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens through the viewfinder.) and many of the better «Point and Shoot» models with the possibility to shoot RAW images. Please note that RAW formats are not sdandardized yet, so different manufacturers can use different file extensions, some RAW files can be recognized by some program, while others are not. ReaJPEG software recognizes almost all RAW files created with the latest cameras available on the market.

Here is the list of commmon extensions used by different manufacturers:

.raf (Fuji)

.crw .cr2 (Canon)

.kdc .dcr (Kodak)

.mrw (Minolta)

.nef (Nikon)

.orf (Olympus)

.dng (Adobe)

.ptx .pef (Pentax)

.arw .srf (Sony)

.x3f (Sigma)

.erf (Epson)

.mos (Leaf)

.raw (Panasonic)

.r3d (Red) .rw2

A RAW file is the data captured by your Camera's sensor that is not processed yet. It does not contain color information (yet), which is very useful to adjust white balance at the computer and apply sharpening and other enhancements the way you like it . A 12-bit file contains 16 times more levels then a 8-bit JPG file. In other words, the RAW format is better for editing images, it is used by professionals.

ReaJPEG successfully converts your edited RAW photos to JPEG format files with 8 bit per channel color range.

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