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Using ReaGIF: Command-line and Windows Integration
There are two automation features in ReaGIF: Windows integration and command-line usage capability.
Windows integration
ReaGIF can integrate itself into Windows Explorer right-click context menu for graphic file formats. Windows integration can be enabled (or disabled) from the "Options" menu of ReaGIF. You can also adjust output settings for the integrated convertion. Most of the time just accepting the defaults is enough.
Command-line usage
You can use ReaGIF as a command-line (console) utility: call it in command files (*.bat, *.cmd) or invoke it during console sessions. Here is the syntax for the ReaGIF command-line usage.
reagif /batch filesList [/format gifSettings] [/proc processings] [/name namingTemplate]
filesList - path to the file that lists input images
gifSettings - path to the file that contains GIF format settings
processings - path to the file that contains image processings
namingTemplate - path to the file that contains a naming template
Command-line troubleshooting
Some non-standard command shells can prevent you from using ReaGIF in command-line mode, launching its user interface no matter what parameters are passed. If you encounter this issue try calling ReaGIF executable directly as ''. If you need to explicitly launch ReaGIF in user interface mode you should use 'reagif.exe'.
Important notice
Automation features are available in ReaGIF Pro only.
ReaGIF online help file
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our technical support.
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