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Customers' success stories
Our customers' success is the best reward we can get for our continuing efforts to provide people with the highest quality products and service. The below success stories have been kindly left by some of our happy customers for you to hear about what they achieved and how they benefited from using our software. We hope these stories will give you ideas on how you yourself can achieve greater results and productivity in less time and with fewer obstacles.

Happy customers:

  • Maureen Shannon, NJPCUG, New Jersey:

    "Thank you so very much for the announcement of ReaConverter Pro 5.0. I used version 4 Pro and absolutely loved it. It worked perfectly for me. And I used for every large or small project I had. My only problem with it was that it wouldn't convert Paint Shop Pro tube or picture tube files to PNG's. It said it would do that file type conversion but it didn't work. I found absolutely nothing on the market or in free applications that is capable of handling those files. It's probably a Corel issue. That was the only thing I tried that didn't convert successfully. And it did many big projects for me without a problem before and since. You have a great product and I recommend it anyone who asks about products of this type. I sincerely believe this is an excellent application!"

  • David Saad, Skyjems, Canada:

    "I have to tell you that your software is one of the best values I have ever seen. At $50 it pays for itself in a day! I often have 1000+ PDF files to convert to Jpeg and re-size. I used to do this with a macro and had to do 20 files at a time in Acrobat, and then another 30 at a time in Photoshop to re-size them. You can imagine this was a pain in the butt and very time consuming (took about 3 hours to do 1000 files)"

  • Bartee Lamar, Enterprise Energy Consulting, USA:

    "As web designer I needed a program that would allow me to resize, watermark and convert the resolution for JPG images. This had to be accomplished dynamically. In our web application, our clients can select an image, the size and the resolution of the image. It would be impossible to actually create all the variations of the images and save them. With ReaConverter I was able to create batch conversion control files and execute the program from the web page.

    ReaConverter solved our problem. We received excellent support via eMail from the Rea support staff."

  • Thomas Heilig, WGFL Fashions, Germany:

    "I have just bought ReaConverter after looking at about 7 other products! Your program is far better than all the others and I just wanted to write and let you know this. It seems that other developers get stuck with what THEY think people need - even if they are not photo professionals themselves! But your ReaConverter offers all the features that people need and want!"

  • David Cordy, Wingar Art, USA:

    "I use Pro version of ReaGallery to make my photo album pages. It makes processing pages full of images easy. It generates thumbnails and all the HTML code. A little editing of the template to put my own links in and what used to be hours making HTML pages becomes a ten minute job!"

  • David Saad, Canada:

    "ReaConverter is one of the greatest programs ever made! I keep finding new uses for it, to be honest I think that it probably saves me in the realm of 200+ hours per year! Thanks again."

    We deeply thank all authors for giving us the pleasure to enjoy your success stories! You inspire others to get great results too!

    Write your own story!


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